off balance 

As humans, we have our basic needs. Food, shelter, warmth, love..  blah blah blah and unless they’re satisfied we can’t function properly and basically become these big balls of mess crying or dying on the floor.  Well I believe that I have an extra one thrown in just for good measure. Intimacy. 

It’s something I’ve needed right from the very beginning of time. I’ve always needed to feel close to someone, whether that was my mum, or when I got a older, a boyfriend, and irrelevant of the context, ive just always craved intimacy. 

Right now, it’s lacking and I feel like complete shit. I just wanted to be kissed or grabbed or held. I just want passion. I want to feel passionate. I want to feel wanted. It’s not even about sex. It’s about feeling that another person wants you just as much as you want them, and when you can’t feel it, it feels as though everything is off balance. I feel unsure and uncertain.

 I feel distant. 


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