midnight kiss

I can’t believe it’s a new year. 

Well I can, but I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I was lying around on New Year’s Day 2016 thinking about him way more than I should’ve been. 

I remember that he’d had a night out it Brighton and I remember that I’d wished I was spending New Years with him. I don’t even know why I’d become so obsessed with spending time with him but it had happened, and I knew that a night with him would’ve been a thousand times better than the night I’d had. 

I also remember asking him if he’d had a kiss at midnight. He said he hadn’t and there was this part of me that was glad, really really glad and I still, even at that point had no idea why. Never in a million years did I think that I’d be his midnight kiss exactly one year on.

The other night, he said something to me whilst we were lying together and it will stick with me forever, because I couldn’t sum up our relationship better if I tried. He said we were like two teenagers, at the end of summer just getting to know each other, and that’s exactly how this has all felt. Yes it has been a whirlwind and yes it has been tough at times, but every single day he makes me smile and everything we do together makes me feel so alive and so young. Getting to know him, has been the highlight of my year. We just slot together like two perfect jigsaw peices and even thinking about life before is such a blur because I can’t really remember a life without him in it. 

Last year in general was without a doubt the best yet. I met the love of my life, I graduated, I celebrated, I laughed until it hurt, I went to Amsterdam, I drank, I danced, I smoked, I loved and more than anything, I lived. Last year I felt like a bird set free from a tiny cage, I felt invincible and exited about everything, I experienced things that I never thought I could or would and I finally found me. There were dark days, as there always are. But those days don’t seem half as dark as they would’ve done a few years ago, because they were outshone by all the amazing times I had and my year was absolutely perfect. 

2016 you were good to me, but 2017, you’ll be better.


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