carbon copy

It’s rare to find a soul exactly like yours. Or to come across someone who’s brain works completely in sync with your own. But I have. 

For almost three days I was playing mind games with myself and I was afraid to tell him how I was feeling through fear of looking silly or insecure or petty. But yesterday, it came out. I knew it would, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t. 

He is without a doubt the carbon copy of me. He managed to make even the silliest thoughts seem as though they mattered. He consoled me, he made me feel better without even having to try and not once did he belittle me or make me feel as stupid as I was already feeling. 

I am so blessed to have found him and to have found someone who I can be myself around even when it’s not the best version of me. He understands the way that I think and feel and we just connect in a way that I though would be impossible. I thought that there would be nobody out there who was exactly like me, but he is and it makes me fall more in love with him by the second. 

Everybody has a soulmate, I have always believed that, and I’ve been lucky enough to find mine. He is my everything, forever. 


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